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Universal Martial Arts Association

UMAA is a "NO POLITICS" Association where rank is earned through years of dedicated training.

Direct Strike Advertising Package
Direct Strike Advertising Package

Martial Arts Enterprises has a Direct Strike Advertising Package that will hit your target martial arts market, including artic...

C.U.T.S. Critical Urban Tactical Strategies
C.U.T.S. Critical Urban Tactical Strategies

Tired of kata, useless formalities & antiquated teachniques that will NOT work in a real LIFE or Death encounter? Looking for ...

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Warrior Spirit Martial Arts Academy

Try our 4 Week Evaluation Course for only $49.00 and get a FREE Uniform!

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The Martial University
The Martial University

The Martial University is an online learning institution where students and instructors of the martial arts come together to ex...

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Budo Camp 2014 June 6, 2014 – June 8, 2014
Budo Camp 2014 June 6, 2014 – June 8, 2014

The vision of Budo Camp was started by the Academy of the Martial Way under the leadership and direction of Master Nesky. Maste...

Recent Reviews

California Shitoryu Karate

My wife and daughter have been going to this dojo for several years now. The instructors are very good and classes ar...

Richard Murphy
New York Striking Crew Martial Arts

I started training with Kru Allisha & Kru Jilani months ago. What appealed to me most was that they were certified p...

Celeste Bertillon
Tensho Goju (Karate & Aiki jitsu) Academy of Martial Arts and Science

Tensho Goju Karate Classes for Adults and Youth, also Self Defense Seminars/Workshops.

Thomas Felder
Budokai South Defensive Arts Institute

If you are in any way serious about learning a martial art, here are some facts about Budokai South which you should ...

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